Everyman Records Online

This is a website about Everyman Records in Nelson.

The Everyman has operated Independently in Nelson, New Zealand (Population: everyman.co.nz35,000) for over 20 years, in a manner you would expect from a Record Store of old.

The Everyman originally started out as a second-hand bookshop then, due to demand, began selling second-hand Records, then new Records, Cassettes and finally Compact Discs.

Through natural progression The Everyman has become what it is today, they no longer sell Books or even New Records and many of their customers have also become friends.

The Everyman caters for all tastes of music from Pop to Jazz and Classical.We also T Shirts, Posters, Accessories in addition to Used  CDs,Cassettes and LPS.

The Everyman offers an enormous range of CD’s priced from $10 New Zealand (just check out your local Exchange Rates to see how inexpensive that really is).

They have taken a great deal of time to make sure that all of the CD’s are of a good quality from the Original Artists and Record Companies.

In other words, beware of the rubbish out there! Obviously, we guarantee everything we sell.

You will also see that we have included a large Catalogue of New Zealand Music on this site, much of which is hard to find due to many Artists and Groups self-funding and releasing their own Recordings.

If at all possible, in time, we will try to include Links to these Artists and Groups so as to allow you to garner as much information about them as you may wish.

Maybe in our own small way we will be able to generate an interest in the great diversity of New Zealand Music presently available.

The Catalogue is in no way SNOBBISH and includes all styles of music from Indigenous to Jazz to Metal.

So please make sure to Bookmark Us and check back regularly.

We welcome any feedback, be it information, jokes, news or even suggestions (…within limits…)! So go ahead, look around,ask questons, have fun and, if possible, even SEND US SOME MONEY for some great music.
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